KidsPost wants winter weather sketches

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KidsPost wants winter weather sketches

Beitragvon Amanda Velasquez » Fr Mär 22, 2013 4:59 am

{For us|For all of us} {to consider|to think about} {your|your own} {drawing|sketching}, {we need|we want} {your|your own} {full name|complete name}, {age|grow older} {and|as well as} {home town|hometown} {written|created} {on the|about the} {back|back again} {of your|of the} {artwork|art work}. {We|All of us} {also need a|also require a} {note|be aware} {from|through} {an adult|a grownup} ({parent|mother or father}, {guardian|protector} {or|or even} {teacher|instructor}) {giving|providing} {permission|authorization} {for your|for the} {drawing|sketching} {to|in order to} {b|w} #file_links[D:\keywords3.txt,1,S] {e|at the} {used|utilized}. {Illustrations|Pictures} {should be|ought to be} {sent to|delivered to} KidsPost {Weather|Climate} {Art|Artwork}, {The|The actual} {Washington|Wa} {Post|Publish} #file_links[D:\keywords1.txt,1,S] , 1150 {15th|Fifteenth} {St|Street}. {NW|North west}, {Washington|Wa}, {D|Deb}.{C|D}. 20071. {You can also|You may also} e-mail scanned {art|artwork} {to|in order to} kidspost@washpost.{com|org}.{Check back|Return} {Monday|Mon} {through|via} {Thursday|Thurs} {to see if|to ascertain if} {your|your own} {artwork|art work} {is a|is really a} perf #file #file_links[D:\keywords4.txt,1,S] _links[D:\keywords2.txt,1,S] ect {match|complement} {for that|for your} #file_links[D:\keywords5.txt,1,S] day鈥檚 {weather|climate} {forecast|predict}.
Amanda Velasquez

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